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NAMI Omaha

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. As a local affiliate, NAMI Omaha is composed of consumers, family members, professionals, and friends who have come together to share and take comfort in the commonality of their experiences and to educate members of their communities about serious brain disorders. Along with education and support, NAMI Omaha actively advocates at the local, state and national levels to improve the services, and the lives of those affected by mental illness, and their families. The OVG grant will be used to expand outreach efforts and develop the organization’s infrastructure, which may include 1.) website/branding, 2.) planning and materials for promotion with mental health providers, and 3.) engagement with Omaha’s Hispanic community.

Set Me Free Project

The mission of Set Me Free Project is to bring prevention education to youth and families so human traffickers lose their power. Human trafficking is defined as a form of modern-day slavery and the force, fraud, or coercion of a human being for the personal profit and gain of another, with the trafficked individual having limited freedoms and receiving little to no pay or compensation. It is now the second fastest growing crime globally and is a $150 billion business (including sex and labor trafficking).

Set Me Free Project offers prevention education to help eradicate sex trafficking. Programming is tailored for youth participants, as well as parents, educators, service providers, and community members who can help keep our youth safe. To assist Set Me Free Project in expanding its curriculum offerings, the OVG grant will be used to develop and implement a training program specifically for mentors and mentoring organizations in the Omaha area.

The Simple Foundation

The Simple Foundation seeks to support the multi-faceted needs of vulnerable children and families through scholarships, volunteerism, and mentoring resources. The organization serves predominately African, Latino, and African American families, including large refugee populations in Omaha. The Simple Foundation will be using their OVG grant to enhance programming for adult family members of their youth development participants. Programming is set to include ESL, basic computer, and basic budget/finance training, as well as workforce support services.

Canku Luta, Inc.

Canku Luta, Inc. seeks to provide holistic programs for the Native American community in urban Omaha using traditional and culturally sensitive strategies.  Programing helps urban natives gain access to traditional healing ceremonies, provides a transitional living home for individuals, and offers mental health and substance abuse services by using the concepts of recovery outlined in the Red Road to Wellbriety movement.  OVG grant funding will assist Canku Luta in developing infrastructure on 10-acres of wooded land, so that Canku Luta’s traditional healing activities can be expanded and offered in more natural setting.  Key project features include well rehabilitation, electrical hookup installation, and the construction of restroom facilities.

Greater Omaha League of Women Voters Educational Fund

The League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha, a non-partisan organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.  In 1971, the group established its 501(c)3 educational fund in order to fund education projects, which have most recently included publishing and distributing the local Voter’s Guide, funding the website, and developing the public access television show “Go Vote, Omaha!”  With their OVG grant, the League of Women Voters Educational Fund will translate and print the Voter’s Guide in Spanish and fund a text message service that sends voters reminders about election deadlines and a link to non-partisan voter education information.


Spielbound is a nonprofit corporation that strives to educate, engage, and create community through board games.  Their library has over 1,800 donated games that people can play at the Spielbound Board Game Cafe.  Additionally, the organization provides resources to teachers, seniors, and the community at-large about the benefits of board game play and design.  OVG grant funding will be used to fund Spielbound’s first Stay Sharp Seniors initiative, the Senior Play Kit.  This project will focus on the development of a kit of games specifically for use with seniors that is intended to prevent dementia and promote the many benefits of social and organized play.

Community 360°

For more than two decades, Community 360° has trained and placed trusted volunteers in nursing homes throughout Omaha. Community 360° is known as the area’s preferred resource for volunteer companions specifically trained to serve the frail elderly in nursing homes.  Community 360° trains trusted volunteers for nursing homes throughout Omaha. Community 360° volunteers brighten days and restore the dignity of our most fragile community members – our elderly. With their OVG grant, Community 360° plans to develop and expand a course catalog of CEU training courses for nursing home staff, volunteers and those who work with the elderly.

Crossroads Connection

Crossroads Connection is a community of churches in the Omaha Metropolitan area who have joined together to assist prison inmates in their transition back to life outside of prison.  They work to bridge the gap in the current penal system by helping former inmates find their way back into society.  The LIFE program seeks to prepare former prisoners for a new life of full, productive citizenship by providing:  (1)  Safe, affordable housing; (2) Access to regular work; (3) Spiritual grounding to foster hope; and (4) counseling to provide guidance working through problems.  The OVG grant will be used expand capacity of Crossroads Connection’s LIFE program.

Victory Riding Academy

Victory Riding Academy seeks to improve the quality of life of participants through equine-facilitated activities.  Through the Horses4Heroes program, the organization enriches the lives of active duty military, veterans, first responders & their families with horse activities. Additionally, Victory Riding Academy provides therapeutic riding and horsemanship activities to children and adults with physical, behavioral, cognitive and emotional needs.  The OVG grant will allow Victory Riding Academy to purchase their own horse trailer, which will allow the organization to transport their horses to and from community events, while also serving as an important promotional tool for the organization.

Black Men United

The purpose of Black Men United is to foster Black male achievement by enhancing economic, social, educational and political inclusion in the United States through education, work and family. Black Men United will be utilizing their OVG grant to assist with operational costs and seed money to help sustain their training center location as they prepare for the launch of their Urban Pre Vocational Training Program.