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Big Muddy Urban Farm

With a mission of making sustainable agriculture accessible to all, Big Muddy Urban Farm’s curriculum unites theory with practice. The Aspiring Farmer Residency program sets a monetary goal based on prior farm performance and develops a new, unique business plan around this goal. While developing a business plan and executing the plan on growing sites, residents are guided in agricultural, business, and social topics via virtual education platforms.  OVG grant funding will be used to assist in facilitating mentorship experiences for aspiring farmers. 

MS Forward

MS Forward seeks to keep those diagnosed with a chronic illness on a path to lifelong health as a search for a cure continues. This is accomplished through events such as athletic competitions, education and awareness curriculums, and quality of life enrichment programs.  The OVG grant funding will be used to provide financial scholarships to assist underserved populations diagnosed with a chronic illness through the Day Achievement Program, In-Gym Health Program and Tele-Health Program. 

Wear Yellow Nebraska

Wear Yellow Nebraska’s mission is to provide service, support, and community for Nebraska’s cancer survivors.  The signature program is the Wear Yellow Cab Ride Program, which is designed to provide free transportation to cancer patients receiving treatments. This program fills a gap and provides a ride when needed so that no treatments are missed.  OVG grant funding will provide financial support to assist the organization in hiring a grant writer and support the organization’s license of a cloud-based fundraising solution. 


The M.O.R.E program, i.e. Minority Outreach Resource Education, offers free support and advocacy for families of children/young adults with a developmental disability or special needs. The program seeks to motivate families by teaching adults to be positive advocates of their children, to encourage and support feelings of competence and self-worth, to lead the way for their children to participate as active and productive citizens in their community. OVG grant funding will assist M.O.R.E. with funding for a paid grant writing position.

Nebraskans for Solar

Nebraskans for Solar works with other statewide nonprofit organizations, government agencies, schools, businesses and individuals to create greater access to solar energy for Nebraskans through education, community engagement, and project development. Their education efforts are wide-ranging and include organizing public presentations by experts in related fields, working with schools on curriculum and labs related to solar energy and promoting adoption of solar at sustainability events such as Earth Day festivities. The OVG grant will be put towards the purchase of a customized trailer to be amended with solar electric generation equipment and possible energy storage equipment, which can be used as part of demonstrations and educational offerings.

Omaha Permaculture

The Omaha Permaculture mission is to foster community through sustainable land stewardship. Following Permaculture ethics of community-based sustainability, the organization seeks to elevate the value of unwanted urban vacant land through soil enhancement, storm water retention, biodiversity improvement, dignified curb appeals, community art and edible landscapes.  Omaha Permaculture plans to utilize their OVG grant to assist with funding for a paid volunteer coordinator/grant writing position and the costs associated with a rental garage.

Mode Shift Omaha

Mode Shift Omaha is a nonprofit transportation advocacy organization that was founded in 2011 by a group of engaged citizens passionate about improving transportation options in Omaha, Nebraska.  The organization seeks to advocate for transportation options that enhance quality of life and opportunities for everyone to live, work, and play.  The mission is achieved through education and engagement with members and the public, influencing policies and decision-making related to transportation and land use design, and monitoring transportation policies and plans and their implementation.  Mode Shift Omaha plans to utilize their OVG grant to 1.) create an Ambassador program, whereby volunteers receive training and supporting materials to represent Mode Shift and educate others about transportation issues, and 2.) develop the Transparency Project, which will focus on gathering information and data around transportation policy and funding.

Sewing for Babies, Inc. Omaha

Sewing for Babies, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping newborn babies.  Since 2004, the organization has been providing small layettes for new mothers who may have little or nothing for their babies.  Each baby receives a diaper bag, clothing and blankets, lovingly made by volunteers.  The group also gives clothing, blankets, hats, and specialty items to Neonatal Intensive Care Units across Omaha to use in the care of premature and sick infants.  Sewing for Babies, Inc. will be utilizing their OVG grant to purchase materials to expand the organization’s service to premature, sick and needy families of newborn infants across Omaha.  Additionally, funds may be used for costs related to development and implementation of a second fundraising event for the organization.


The Apollon is Omaha’s multi-genre arts and entertainment hub.  The organization empowers emerging creative artists from visual, literary, culinary, and performing arts genres to create unique arts experiences for the community.  Additionally, the Apollon provides opportunities for community members to meet, interact with, and form relationships with artists who are working in their neighborhood and city. The Apollon plans to utilize their OVG grant to support facility upgrades to their retail sales space, as well as an expansion of their art vending project.

Cornbelt Diabetes Connection

Cornbelt Diabetes Connection provides health care and education about diabetes to communities and individuals that may not have adequate access to such care or information. The Mobile Diabetes Center is a self-contained mobile testing and diagnosis unit that provides free blood sugar screenings and other health services to people where they work, worship and play. Over the past 22 years, Cornbelt Diabetes Connection and its Mobile Diabetes Center have visited over 2300 sites and provided free public health screenings to over 40,000 people sites in Nebraska and western Iowa. The OVG grant will be leveraged as part of the Cornbelt Diabetes Connection’s campaign to replace the 19 year old Mobile Diabetes Clinic.