Grant Night 2011

Dates: 05/26/2011 Dates: 05/26/2011

At our end-of-season Grant Night celebration, Omaha Venture Group members presented $37,500 in grants to nine organizations:

Apollo’s Prep School: $4,150 for online reading and math testing program

Emerging Terrain: $4,800 for Phase 2 of the grain elevator project

Foster CARE Closet: $4,550 to start up Omaha Foster CARE Closet operations

LifeChronicles: $3,350 to sponsor life legacy videos for clients in need

Neighbors United: $4,300 for the Park Avenue Community Center

No More Empty Pots: $4,600 for the Gifford Park Teen market Basket

Omaha Jitterbugs: $3,400 for equipment, outreach, and special events

The Union for Contemporary Art: $4,100 for summer youth programming

Wright Care Dentistry: $4,250 to purchase IT infrastructure

We would like to thank our members and Interest Group leaders for a fantastic year, the Pizza Shoppe Collective for hosting our celebration, and the nine grantees for the good work they do in our community.

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  1. No More Empty Pots July 11, 2011 at 5:04 am #

    Thanks so much for the support, OVG! We had great advocates in Scott & Grant. The project work is underway. We are looking forward to sharing the outcomes.

    Congratulations to the other recipients!

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