Become a Member

There are two different levels of membership in OVG. We understand that everyone’s level of involvement is different and encourage members to be as involved as they can. The basic commitments for each membership level are as follows:

Grantmaking member
$400 Membership Fee (tax deductible)

Attend all social and education events
Discuss decisions with other Interest Group members
Contact eligible nonprofits
Attend site visits
Help nonprofits with application form
Ask questions on Vote Night
Submit funding recommendations
Celebrate on Grant Night

Subscribing member
$200 Membership Fee ($100 tax-deductible) 

Attend all social and education events
Celebrate on Grant Night

*Members can arrange for monthly payment plans

Apply to become a member

OVG Membership Form

For more information on OVG Membership, contact Stacey Goodman at the Omaha Community Foundation at 402.342.3458.