Whispering Roots

The goal of Whispering Roots is to provide fresh, locally grown, healthy food for socially and economically disadvantaged communities by using aquaponics, hydroponics and urban farming. Their re-circulating systems use 90% less water than traditional farming to grow pesticide free, naturally grown produce. Additionally, their cutting-edge school programs teach the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering […]

Congratulations to 2016 OVG Grants Recipients

This spring marked the completion of another tremendous grant season for the Omaha Venture Group, with over $40,000 being awarded to eight local nonprofit organizations.  As an established giving circle, the Omaha Venture Group is working to make a difference in our community, inspired by the venture capitalism model of investing.  Members make small personal […]

Buford Foundation

The Buford Foundation exists to make a difference in the lives of youth.  Through Camp Confidence programs, youth develop confidence and self-reliance, learn mutual respect, and deepen intuition and natural curiosity.  Each year, the Buford Foundation hosts wilderness camps in Wyoming, where at-risk teens learn to face the challenges of our changing world.  OVG grant […]