The Simple Foundation

The Simple Foundation seeks to support the multi-faceted needs of vulnerable children and families through scholarships, volunteerism, and mentoring resources. The organization serves predominately African, Latino, and African American families, including large refugee populations in Omaha. The Simple Foundation will be using their OVG grant to enhance programming for adult family members of their youth […]

Smart Girl Society, Inc.

Smart Girl Society, Inc. is an Omaha-based non-profit working to educate and inspire smart and confident girls, women and families. Through educational workshops, civic outreach programs and technology and social media research, the organization works with girls, parents and administrators to encourage authenticity on social media and in real life. They provide education on how […]

Whispering Roots

The goal of Whispering Roots is to provide fresh, locally grown, healthy food for socially and economically disadvantaged communities by using aquaponics, hydroponics and urban farming. Their re-circulating systems use 90% less water than traditional farming to grow pesticide free, naturally grown produce. Additionally, their cutting-edge school programs teach the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering […]