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Congratulations to 2017 OVG Grants Recipients

This spring marked the completion of another tremendous grant season for the Omaha Venture Group, with over $43,000 being awarded to ten local nonprofit organizations. The Omaha Venture Group is an established giving circle whose members are working to make a difference in our community through a venture capitalism model of investing their charitable dollars.  Members make small personal or employee-assisted donations – then come together to research and award grants to smaller, grassroots nonprofit agencies.

The Omaha Venture Group (OVG) is pleased to congratulate the 2017 OVG Grant Recipients:

– Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) Eastern Nebraska Chapter

– M.O.R.E. (Minority Outreach Resource Education)

– NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Omaha

– Nebraskans for Solar

– Omaha Permaculture

– Omaha Talons, Inc.

– Set Me Free Project

– The Simple Foundation

– Smart Girl Society, Inc.

– Whispering Roots

Bikers Against Child Abuse – Eastern Nebraska Chapter

Bikers Against Child Abuse, Inc. (B.A.C.A.) exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. They exist as a body of Bikers to empower children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live. Working in conjunction with local and state officials who are already in place to protect children, they desire to send a clear message to all involved with the abused child that this child is part of their organization, and that they are prepared to lend physical and emotional support to them by affiliation, and their physical presence. OVG grant funding will be used to assist with purchases for a mobile storage area for all necessary supplies for a Level II Kit.


The M.O.R.E program, i.e. Minority Outreach Resource Education, offers free support and advocacy for families of children/young adults with a developmental disability or special needs. The program seeks to motivate families by teaching adults to be positive advocates of their children, to encourage and support feelings of competence and self-worth, to lead the way for their children to participate as active and productive citizens in their community. OVG grant funding will assist M.O.R.E. with funding for a paid grant writing position.

NAMI Omaha

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. As a local affiliate, NAMI Omaha is composed of consumers, family members, professionals, and friends who have come together to share and take comfort in the commonality of their experiences and to educate members of their communities about serious brain disorders. Along with education and support, NAMI Omaha actively advocates at the local, state and national levels to improve the services, and the lives of those affected by mental illness, and their families. The OVG grant will be used to expand outreach efforts and develop the organization’s infrastructure, which may include 1.) website/branding, 2.) planning and materials for promotion with mental health providers, and 3.) engagement with Omaha’s Hispanic community.

Nebraskans for Solar

Nebraskans for Solar works with other statewide nonprofit organizations, government agencies, schools, businesses and individuals to create greater access to solar energy for Nebraskans through education, community engagement, and project development. Their education efforts are wide-ranging and include organizing public presentations by experts in related fields, working with schools on curriculum and labs related to solar energy and promoting adoption of solar at sustainability events such as Earth Day festivities. The OVG grant will be put towards the purchase of a customized trailer to be amended with solar electric generation equipment and possible energy storage equipment, which can be used as part of demonstrations and educational offerings.

Omaha Permaculture

The Omaha Permaculture mission is to foster community through sustainable land stewardship. Following Permaculture ethics of community-based sustainability, the organization seeks to elevate the value of unwanted urban vacant land through soil enhancement, storm water retention, biodiversity improvement, dignified curb appeals, community art and edible landscapes.  Omaha Permaculture plans to utilize their OVG grant to assist with funding for a paid volunteer coordinator/grant writing position and the costs associated with a rental garage.

Omaha Talons, Inc.

The Omaha Talons Academy utilizes the sport of basketball to provide a unique intervention and education program to South Sudanese young men; a demographic missed by many other Omaha community programs. The Omaha Talons Academy is an after-school mentorship-based basketball program. The program seeks to foster community building and engagement opportunities, leadership development, and the chance to develop interpersonal skills needed to succeed in a multicultural society. To assist Omaha Talons, Inc. in reaching these goals, the OVG grant funds will be put towards gasoline for year-round transportation, nutrition support, youth registrations in league play and tournaments, and entrance fees for youth enrichment activities.

Set Me Free Project

The mission of Set Me Free Project is to bring prevention education to youth and families so human traffickers lose their power. Human trafficking is defined as a form of modern-day slavery and the force, fraud, or coercion of a human being for the personal profit and gain of another, with the trafficked individual having limited freedoms and receiving little to no pay or compensation. It is now the second fastest growing crime globally and is a $150 billion business (including sex and labor trafficking).

Set Me Free Project offers prevention education to help eradicate sex trafficking. Programming is tailored for youth participants, as well as parents, educators, service providers, and community members who can help keep our youth safe. To assist Set Me Free Project in expanding its curriculum offerings, the OVG grant will be used to develop and implement a training program specifically for mentors and mentoring organizations in the Omaha area.

The Simple Foundation

The Simple Foundation seeks to support the multi-faceted needs of vulnerable children and families through scholarships, volunteerism, and mentoring resources. The organization serves predominately African, Latino, and African American families, including large refugee populations in Omaha. The Simple Foundation will be using their OVG grant to enhance programming for adult family members of their youth development participants. Programming is set to include ESL, basic computer, and basic budget/finance training, as well as workforce support services.

Smart Girl Society, Inc.

Smart Girl Society, Inc. is an Omaha-based non-profit working to educate and inspire smart and confident girls, women and families. Through educational workshops, civic outreach programs and technology and social media research, the organization works with girls, parents and administrators to encourage authenticity on social media and in real life. They provide education on how to remain safe on social media and how to avoid becoming a target of sextortion. Additionally, they inspire action for girls to focus on their personal brand development, leadership, educational opportunities and healthy social skills. Smart Girl Society, Inc. will be utilizing their OVG grant in the development of a proprietary app, that will provide educational tools, resources, and real-time communication for parents, educators, and students, based on a safety lens of COPPA compliancy, personal security and safety, and content.